Support the LIFE initiative with your donation.

With your contribution, we help people in need to overcome bureaucratic difficulties and expand the counseling services of the LIFE Initiative. Alternatively, you can support us as a member.

With a monthly donation of 25 €, you finance the social coaching for about 5 people in emergencies per year. Your donation is fully tax deductible. Up to 50 % of the donation will be refunded from your income tax.

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We use your contact information to inform you about our work and support opportunities. You can object to this use at any time. For more information on the use of personal data, please see our data protection statement. The LIFE Initiative e.V. is exempt from corporate and trade tax as a non-profit organization and is registered with the tax authorities under tax number 27/671/59876.

Donation account IBAN: DE09 8306 5408 0005 2950 17 (VR-Bank Altenburger Land eG)

Your contact for questions: Ramin Goo
E-mail:, Phone: +49 30 233 213 00

What impact will my donation have?

Your donation enables us to help people in emergencies to overcome bureaucratic difficulties and to build sustainable structures for online volunteering and social coaching. A monthly donation of 5 € finances approximately the social coaching for one person per year. We expect monthly costs of about 50 € per volunteer for recruitment, training, and coordination and about 10 annual coaching sessions per volunteer.

Why does the LIFE Initiative need donations?

All volunteers of the LIFE Initiative work free of charge, but for the technical and organizational structures, we depend on donations. We have also already applied for government grants. Since the grant programs usually require 10 % of our own funds, up to ten times the amount of your donation can be raised as a budget for the LIFE Initiative.

How much tax do I save with the donation receipt?

Your donations and contributions to the LIFE Initiative are fully deductible from your income tax. The tax savings can be up to 50 % of the donation. The exact amount depends on your income. You can check it with a donation calculator.

Can I support the LIFE Initiative through the Amazon affiliate program?

Yes, we are a member of the Amazon affiliate program. Click on this link to make your purchases on Amazon. The LIFE Initiative will receive a refund of 1-4% for the purchases made.

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